About us

Bepet studio is a collaboration of experts from different areas. We’re an independent studio, which offers individual experts to evolve in their specific areas, while offering excellent collaborations at the same time.



Our work is often a part of international competitions. Our projects have been awarded with titles, such as: »Best Innovation Design Award«, »Best User Interface Award«, »Best User Experience Award« and »Special Kudos Award«. Awards of course contribute to the client’s recognition as well, because they’re mentioned and displayed on the biggest online design platforms.

O nas

»It’s not an individual’s job to make all creative processes, which is why we’re a team of different experts, who can together create new products for your company’s success.«

Vision and goals

Establishing a connection and healthy business performance with our clients is of essential meaning for us. Your growth is our goal and we’re growing with you. We believe that our services can contribute to your company’s success and better business performance. Our vision is a joint effort and success, because that’s the only way to reaching optimal results.

Meet the team

Leader of BEPET, design ninja and enthusiast of aesthetics. If you ask him what his favourite hobby is, he will say “Design” or “Hmm, I don’t know, Design probably”. He studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering until he decided to take an independent route. He has an eye for design as well as organisational skills, which made him reconsider starting out in an agency or firm.


Enthusiast of social media and everything it has to offer. She studied at the Faculty of Arts, but her interest quickly shifted towards digital marketing, where she can combine her creativity and affinity for social media networks. She likes to follow current trends and figure out ways to beat search algorithms so she can find her place in the digital world.


Photographer and master of computers. He has turned his passion for design and photography into a professional career. As if his life wasn’t sufficiently challenging, he decided to acquire knowledge of economics and programming which he hopes to one day use for managing his own company.


One of the first to join the team. While studying he soon realized that he likes web development and the riddles that come with making interactive modules. Because web development is a broad field he takes on new challenges every day and finds improvements along the way. If you ask him whether something can be implemented, he always answers “Sure, but it depends on the time frame”.

Motion designer and animator. He is a media technician who likes to go into details. Arranging sound and video are second nature to him. He’s constantly learning new programs and techniques he can use on projects.

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