Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that most websites have. When you visit a website, they are stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain the name of the server from which the cookie was sent, cookie lifetime and a value that is usually a randomly generated unique number.

Their storage is under the complete control of your browser – the user may limit or disable cookie storage as desired; however, due to restrictions, the website may not work properly, the content will not be displayed and access to some functionality will be restricted. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Cookies are used by most contemporary websites, as without them, the usability of websites would be severely curtailed. The storage and reading of information in cookies is used for:


  • For sessions (e.g. logging into forums);
  • For shopping carts in online stores;
  • To re-use selections you have made (e.g. language or currency you are using);
  • To display various advanced content on a website (e.g. maps, video);
  • To manage web traffic statistics;
  • To support social network plug-ins (e.g. likes and sharing);
  • To display custom-made ads.


Cookies may be temporary (for the current “session”), which means they are in use only during your website visit and are deleted when you close the web browser; they can also be permanent, which means that they remain in your device after you leave the website until you delete them yourself or your browser after the expiration of a certain period.

How does BEPET use cookies?

We strive to offer our users a modern, fast and easy to use website that automatically adjusts to your needs and desires. To achieve this, our website can use the following types of cookies: technical, functional, analytical and commercial cookies. Cookies by themselves do not enable your identification, and it is not possible to exactly determine who you are only based on cookies.

What types of cookies do we use on our website?

There are different types of cookies and different ways of how we use them. Cookies can be sorted according to their function, lifetime and depending on who installs them.

Own analytical cookies

These cookies are managed by BEPET and are directly installed by our website. All data is collected in an anonymous and aggregated form and used solely for the measurement of traffic statistics on our websites. They are installed as soon as you open our website, which enables us to capture statistical data without advertising add-ons; we do not share data with third parties.

If you continue to use the website, we shall consider that you fully agree with own analytical cookies. In this case, it shall also apply that we collect only aggregated data, which are not intended for advertising and that your identity is not disclosed to us.

Cookie name Purpose Expiration time Compny
_ga Website traffic statistics 2 years Google Analytics
_gid Website traffic statistics 24 hours Google Analytics
_gat Website traffic statistics 1 min Google Analytics

Functional and analytical cookies of third parties

With these cookies, we provide you a modern user experience with the proper operation of social network plug-ins (e.g. liking and sharing Facebook content) and related analytics. Anonymous data collected through cookies is available to BEPET and the service provider through which the functionalities are performed (e.g. Google, Facebook). BEPET only uses the services of the companies it trusts.

By turning off these cookies, you disable access to certain content, likes and share of content, and the display of some video content (YouTube). By clicking on one of the buttons with the link to social networks, this is recorded on the websites, which may use this information. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the policies of each of these websites and check how they use this data, and how you can refuse to participate in the collection of this data or delete the data.

Cookie name Purpose Expiration time Compny
uid_atuvc These cookies are installed by third parties who publish buttons for the exchange of information on social networks on our site. 2 years Google
REF YouTube video embeded cookie 10 years Google
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube video embeded cookie 7-8 moths Google
YSC YouTube video embeded cookie Session expiration Google

Third-party advertising cookies

Third-party ad cookies include cookies from other companies such as Facebook Inc. and Google Inc., which manage the ad network. BEPET only uses ads of companies that manage the data responsibly and which we trust.

If you turn off third-party cookies in your settings, ads on the web will still be displayed; however, they will not be tailored to your desires and might not be interesting to you.

Cookie name Purpose Expiration time Compny
fr Profiling cookie 3 months Facebook
wd Profiling cookie 1 week Facebook
datr Profiling cookie 2 months Facebook
xs Profiling cookie 3 months Facebook
sb Profiling cookie 18 months Facebook
c_user Profiling cookie 3 months Facebook

Other cookies we use

Our website does not install other cookies, nor does it enable their installation to third parties. However, in certain cases, we may use cookies that you have installed on your device upon using other Google services before you first visited our website; however, we have no influence over them.

How do I set cookies?

On our website you can set which types of cookies are to be installed. The website will remember your selection with the use of the [“cookieconsent_status”] cookie, which is essential for the site functioning. You may change your selection of cookies at any time at detailed settings.

Before you disable a specific type of cookies, please read what they are intended for and how they are used. It may happen that due to the changed settings, your user experience will be negative, certain content and video content will not be displayed and certain functionalities of the website will not work. If you want to use them, you will need to find and change the cookie settings accordingly.

By selecting the “I agree” or “I disagree” option, you can control which cookies our website is to install on your device.

Own analytical cookies
They are necessary for the operation of the website.

Cookies are installed at all times

Own analytical cookies
Anonymous and aggregated traffic statistics with masked IP addresses.

By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

Functional third-party cookies
Cookies for the operation of the YouTube videos and the like.

Analytical third-party cookies
Share content on our website with social networks and the analysis of your use of the plugin (e.g. Facebook likes).

Third-party advertising cookies
If disabled, ads on the Internet will continue to be displayed; however, they will not be interesting to you.

If the user does not accept or rejects certain cookies, and later requests a service that uses such cookies, we will enable the cookies. This is done in the case when the user subscribes to e-news or sends data through dedicated forms. By using this functionality, the user requires the use of the web service as fully supplied by BEPET, which may include additional installation of cookies for analytics, personalised content display, commercial content, and the operation of social network plug-ins. 



Our website uses cookies to provide up-to-date user experience, promotion, and traffic statistics. By choosing the “ACEEPT COOKIES” option you agree to the use of cookies. In the case of disagreement, you may edit detailed settings; however, some interesting functionality and content shall not be displayed due to restrictions.

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