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Back mechanic is a brand from one of the biggest kinesiology centres in Slovenia. They specialize in the rehabilitation area, more specifically in back pain. That is why they wanted to set up an online learning platform, which uses videos to guide users to resolve their back pain.

What we've done:

Company and market research






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From idea to realisation:

We put emphasis on user experience and conversion to selling the video library, to which we added their regular rehabilitation offers and the option of buying their book online.

Research and visual image:

Our analysis showed the most common wishes and issues patients with back pain might have. We created a persona through that, which shows the bigger portion of patients and their demands and allowed us to figure out which elements to prioritize in order to get the biggest conversion possible. Visual image solutions were especially made with carefully crafted colour palettes, which are familiar to patients, soothing and easy to look at. We wanted to show their work process through photo materials and show their service in the most positive way possible.

Placement, online learning platform and marketing:

We keep in touch with the client, because that is the only way of getting the optimal result for our product. Due to client’s previous experience, the website is set up on WordPress. It also has a visual editor and uniquely crafted online learning space, which allows the user to view free and paid video content online.