Celje medical center


Are you eager to know how to turn an idea into an app in just a week? Due to new coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to develop an app for Celje medical centre in just seven days, without prior examples of the app. The digitalization process of medical orders was pure fun. We published the app in only seven days and collaborated with the company Kalima and UX/UI designer Rok Samsa.

What we've done:




app made in 7 days

full digitalization

contactless delivery

From idea to realisation:

Covid-19 caused many limitations, especially due to its fast spreading. Hospitals were under an enormous amount of pressure and were in contact with patients on a daily basis. That is why we collaborated with Kalmia and Rok Samsa and digitalized the whole process of medical orders, its transfers into pharmacies, taking orders and a contactless transfer from pharmacies to patients.

splošna bolnišnica celje

Research and visuals:

We had a very specific time frame, so our research was adjusted to our assumptions and not actual user testing, which is why we decided for a simple and efficient app. We wanted that our users understood the app from their first use and adjusted the visual image according to it, by keeping the already known visuals (colours/typography) in mind. By doing that, we achieved the employees’ satisfaction, efficient use and we eliminated the feeling of discomfort.

Placement and usage:

The digitalization itself was done in less than a day, the whole app concept was made in less than 10 hours and transformed into appropriate formats so that developers from Kalmia could do their part. Our first concept was sent to the hospital, from which we got the user feedback and made adjustments accordingly. After sufficient testing and adjustments, the working app was sent to all employees at Celje’s hospital.