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JB restaurant in Ljubljana city centre among the 100 best restaurants in the whole world. It represents a hub for fine tasting lovers. All those with understanding of perfect tastes can enjoy the culinary art of Janez Bratovž there. All dishes are made with four basic elements in mind – earth, water, air and fire. Water represents saltiness, fire bitterness, air sour and earth sweet tastes.

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From idea to realisation:

Janez Bratovž – JB published a book under the name of “JANEZ BRATOVŽ – JB RESTAVRACIJA” in 2019. The great work of Žare Kerin and Futura team receives numerous design awards in national and international competitions. The book had an immense influence into the restaurant’s visual image, so JB wanted a new online image. An image, which would have the book in mind and would represent its digital form.

jb restavracija

Research and visuals:

We wanted to learn more about typical JB guests and the type of problem we’re solving. We determined a typical persona after talking it through with Janez and places elements according to their needs. The goal was to show the offers and the reservation process as fast as possible. The reservation process is set up in the easiest way possible, demanding as little clicks from the user as possible. Our main goal was to increase the sales conversion, but at the same time we wanted the website to be aesthetically pleasing – meaning, a website, which is stylish, but at the same time can convert the visit into a reservation with as little steps as possible.

Placement and publication:

We keep in touch with the client, because that is the only way of getting the optimal result of our product. Due to client’s previous experience, the website is set up on WordPress. It also has a visual editor and custom menu, which allows daily updates without accessing the website. We also took care of optimisation and transfer of their old links, so we could keep the highest positions possible and avoid broken links.

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