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From an idea to a sold-out running event in just one year. We collaborated with JA Trail team and put together the whole visual image and the website, which is carefully crafted for trail runners. We also put a lot of thought into marketing on social media, through which we managed to convince people to sign up for a completely unknown running event and completely fill up Kranjska Gora. It’ll be followed by the second edition this year, to which we added a special trail running league.

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From idea to realisation:

Julian Alps Trail Run started under the name Kranjska Gora Trail Run. The successful event allowed organizers to expand, which is why the story about JA Trail was born. We changed the logo a bit and improved the website, with the focus on telling the story with extremely powerful images, targeted at people, who might not quite know about the event yet.

© Peter Koren

Research and visual image:

Communication with the team gave us an insight into trail running world, which was important to define the persona of website visitors. We got the most common runners’ habits and figured out how to place website elements for the easiest possible navigation and successful sales. Visual image was crafted through their powerful photo materials, which played a crucial role in making a good first impression.

Placement and marketing:

We keep in touch with the client, because that is the only way of getting the optimal result for our product. Due to client’s previous experience, the website is set up on WordPress. It also has a visual editor and an integrated registration platform, offering direct registrations and transactions. The website is connected to marketing tools and platforms – Google Ads, Facebook Pixel and Instagram ads immensely improved their sales conversion.

© Peter Koren

© Peter Koren

© Peter Koren