University of Ljubljana - Faculty of mechanical engineering

Lab animations

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How to simplify technically complex development processes and show them to more people? We collaborated with University of Ljubljana – Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering and put together animations which simplify their work. We also added additional presentations, which serve with the intention of easier understanding.

What we've done:

Idea realisation






From idea to realisation:

The main idea was to show their complex lab processes in the easiest way possible. After careful consideration, we decided to show their lab work through 2D animation and as little complex elements as possible. We simplified complex processes into short animation movies.

Storyboard, animation and illustration:

In order to present the story, we defined a special storyboard, which we studied together with employees and improved it through their notes. Storyboard helped us make additional illustrations and then animations. Illustrations were crafted with the lab’s and faculty’s visual image in mind, because we wanted to clearly show which part of the faculty we’re talking about.