Mastering AI: Supercharge your work efficiency.

Join our team of A.I. experts and gain knowledge and insights to unlock the potential for faster and more efficient work processes by using your personalized chatbot.

We'll teach you how to process data faster and easier at work.

We know processing long papers and documentation can be stressfull. Save time by using our user-friendly tools, designed to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency.

Learn to use A.I.

Our industry exprets will teach you how to use A.I. chatbots and work with large language models. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilize A.I. in various industries souch as accountant, healthcare, leagal, real estate etc….

Train it

You’ll learn how to train your own personal chatbot by inputting data, such as PDF and other data documents, processing them, and fine-tuning the model. This enables you to create a personalized chatbot capable of answering all your specific needs.

Become effective

With the creation of your own AI language model and leveraging its functionalities, you’ll be able to work and perform tasks much faster. This has the potential to significantly reduce costs for your work!

What will you learn at the webinar.

Join us for an exclusive hour and a half webinar designed to empower you with essential A.I. knowledge. Unlock the potential of a specific tool and witness the transformative impact as you harness its power to create your own personal A.I. language model (chatbot). Supercharge your work efficiency like never before!

1. A.I. understanding

First, we will delve into the foundational concepts of A.I., including machine learning and neural networks. Later, we will explore the practical utilization of A.I. through large language models.

2. Using large lanugage models

Using advanced AI models capable of processing and understanding human language on a massive scale. You’ll learn how to teach your language patterns, generate text and answers.

3. Using large lanugage models

Utilize large language models by inputting relevant data, fine-tuning them for specific tasks, and leveraging their natural language processing capabilities to generate accurate and contextually appropriate responses and insights.

4. Profit and benefits

By the end of the webinar, you will gain the ability to boost productivity through automation and achieve enhanced accuracy in data analysis and decision-making. These advantages can result in significant cost savings for your organization.

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Webinar date: 13 JUNE 2023 at 12PM (GMT-4)

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Meet your teachers. They are nice, we swear.

Our team industry experts who possess extensive expertise in A.I. and its diverse applications. With their profound understanding and experience, participants can expect to receive exceptional education and valuable insights.

Domen Vake, is a PhD researcher in the field of A.I. and has been actively contributing his expertise to BEPET Ltd. for over 5 years.

Additionally, he holds a position as an assistant at the Slovenian faculty of Primorska. With a strong focus on machine learning and data mining, Domen is also an enthusiastic for blockchain technologies.

His exceptional understanding of these cutting-edge technologies allows him to effectively tailor them to suit your specific requirements.

Jure Benkovic, is a UI/UX designer specializing in mobile and web solutions. After graduating, he opened his own development studio called BEPET Ltd., which collaborates with numerous big and small clients. He understands the problem and struggles of working tirelessly and wondering why progress is not being made.

Frequently asked questions

A.I., short for Artificial Intelligence, refers to the field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines capable of simulating human intelligence. A.I. systems are designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as problem-solving, learning, speech recognition, and decision-making. These systems rely on algorithms and data to analyze information, make predictions, and improve their performance over time.

First, we will take a look at what A.I. is and go through some examples. Our aim at the beginning is for you to understand what A.I. is and how it works.

In the second part of the webinar, you’ll get to know large language models and chatbots. Here, you will see examples of chatbots and learn how to use them for your own purposes.

In the final part, you’ll discover how to build your own chatbot model and implement your own data so that it can provide answers tailored to your specific needs.

BEPET Ltd. is a small Slovenian-based company primarily focused on software development, A.I. development, user research, and user-centered design.

In recent years, we have been primarily involved in customizing software solutions for companies and their users, allowing us to gain extensive industry experience.

Our team of experts, including Domen and Jure in this webinar, is comprised of highly educated individuals with a wealth of industry knowledge.

** If you need any additional information send us an email at: info@bepet.org

Nop, everything is free!

A chatbot is a computer program or an AI application that simulates human conversation through text or speech interactions. It is designed to understand and respond to user queries or commands in a conversational manner. Chatbots can be used in various applications, such as customer service, information retrieval, virtual assistants, and interactive entertainment. They typically use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand user inputs, generate appropriate responses, and provide automated assistance or information.

Yes, totally!

Our webinar is structured in a way that you don’t need to write or understand any computer code. We will teach you how to handle specific computer programs and interfaces. The code and functionality is handled within the program itself.

No worries, we make it suitable for everyone.

Sure, no problem! Just send us an email at info@bepet.org.

The webinar is scheduled to begin on June 13, 2022, at 12:00 PM (GMT-4) in the New York time zone. The webinar will be conducted in English.

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Julian Alps Trail Run

Spletni marketing

julian alps

Od ideje do razprodanih tekaških mest zgolj v enem letu. Z ekipo JA Trail smo skupaj oblikovali vizualno podobo in spletno mesto, ki je pisana na kožo tekačem, ki uživajo v naravi. Hkrati smo velik poudarek dali tudi marketingu. Z marketingom na družbenih omrežjih smo ljudem uspeli približati neznani dogodek, s katerim smo uspeli “zapolniti” Kranjsko Goro. Letos sledi druga izdaja, njej pa so/smo dodali še posebno tekaško ligo.


Kaj smo naredili:


Raziskava ciljne publike



+ 20 %
različnih držav
+ 65 %
več povpraševanja
+ 100 %
več prijav

Od ideje do realizacije:

Julian Alps Trail Run se je uvodno leto začel pod imenom Kranjska Gora Trail Run. Uspešen dogodek je organizatorjem ponudil možnost, da celoten tekaški dogodek še povečajo, tako se je rodila zgodba o JAtrail. Obstoječ logotip smo nekoliko poenostavili in preoblikovali ter posodobili celotno spletno stran. Poudarek na spletni strani je bil predvsem na izražanju zgodbe z močnim fotomaterialom za obiskovalce, ki dogodka še ne poznajo.

Raziskava in vizualna podoba:

Pogovor z ekipo Julian Alps Trail Run nam je omogočil vpogled v tekaški svet, kar je bilo ustrezno za definiranje persone oziroma “tekaškega uporabnika”. Z ustrezno analizo smo ugotovili, kaj so najpogostejše navade tekačev in kako smiselno postaviti elemente na spletni strani za čim lažjo navigacijo ter čim bolj uspešno prodajo. Pri vizualnem delu smo poleg grafike posebno pozornost posvečali fotomaterialu, ki se je pri raziskavi izkazal kot ključen element pri vzpostavitvi prve pozitivne interakcije z uporabnikom.

Postavitev in marketing:

Razvoj z naročnikom redno spremljamo, saj le tako lahko pridobimo optimalni rezultat končnega produkta. Stran je zaradi predhodne uporabe in izkušenj naročnika zasnovana na platformi WordPress. Dodan je vizualni urejevalnik ter integrirana zunanja registracijska forma z možnostjo direktnih transakcij in prijav. Stran je povezana z orodji in platformami za oglaševanje. S pomočjo Google Ads, FB Pixel in Instagram oglaševanja smo močno povečali konverzijo.

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